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voice. we are under a vote right now. this is what we used. the biggest voice in the united states is the voice of the american people. i was reading in the journals . . that is the wife of our second president. our second president, john adams. abigail adams wrote in her journals and diaries, and very personal insight. she said, after all we have done. after all that has happened. i wonder if generations on born will ever know what was done for them. at the sacrifice, the toyo, -- toil, treasure, heartache, what was spent to secure liberty and freedom. the fathers knew the cost. you literally stand with us on how aground. this is hallowed ground of freedom. that freedom was purchased at an incalculable price that others of us cannot truly comprehend. for 233 years, every generation that has come before has faithfully handed the baton of freedom to the next generation. so now, we are that privileged generation. privileged to be here today. privileged as you stand here in place for other freedom loving americans all over the country today. they would give anything to be where you ar
that we have had the highest deficit in the history of the united states, $1. trillion, -- the $1.4 trillion, the pelosi plan comes in weighing at $1 trillion. when we just got unemployment figures back, think about this, the president with an 8.5% unemployment rate pushes upon the congress a $787 billion stimulus bill and now unemployment has gone from 8.5% to 10.2% and in so many other pockets of america it's 14%, 15% and 16%. where are the jobs? why have we taken the focus off the main thing, the economy? why are we going down the track of government takeover of health care? and massive mandates on individuals, doctors and small businesses? just like china. mr. speaker, 1,900 pages, it's ridiculous. the republican alternative, which is not even half, not even 25%, but i'd say maybe 15% in size, weighing in at say maybe a mere $1 -- 150 pages, bring more competition for individuals, association health care plan to let small businesses pool together, expansion of health savings accounts, medical malpractice reform to reduce frivolous lawsuits. this is the republican alternative a
. that is not appropriate for the president of the united states. it is not a defense of fox news, but it is what -- it is not what the relationship is supposed to be. >> that is a disastrous thing for president, a prime minister. >> beyond that, he seems to be one of these people who has achieved everything he has done in life. he comes now ill-equipped to handle people who might be pushing back a little bit. there are people like that in washington. that is the impression i get. he does that to his detriment. >> i am not quite sure -- i think that, first of all, as far as his base goes, attacking fox probably was not a bad idea. i do not disagree with anything you said. let me be clear. i think this is a president who, given his intellectual firepower, given the fact he has athletic prowess, given the fact he was raised to be well- equipped to deal with many of the realities he faces, however, i will say that perhaps we can measure better when we see how health care proceeds. it is very clear that this man has to stand up to people in his own party. i think that will be an indication of whether
. translator: the stated positionf the united states in relation to settlements in t annexation of jerusalem ve been well-moan and areciated by us. however, we were sprised by their voring of the israeli position. >>eporter: but obama's been talking up a possibl breakthrough in middleast peace going back beforhis cairo speech. palestinns fear obama won'tbe able to encouge israel to make the other compromises necesry to complete a final peace al. a leading palestini candida to fill abbas' shoes t it this way -- >> i think this annncement is declaration of the failure of efforts for true peaceos, due to the israe policyf exnding and continuing settlements and th failure of the united states take an partial position. >> reporter: now abbas has had enough d say his won't stand for re-electn. it remains to be seen if the u.s. moves ttry to keep himr prefers to look tohe future with another palestini head of state, ithe earlyart of next ye. john tarat, al jazeera, washingt. >> for more on the middle east peace proces we arejoined by the minister o public affas in the israeli canet minister. thk you
and civilians of the united states army at fort hood, texas, were attacked by the least likely of assailants. it was, in short, an act of treason. i want to first thank my colleague and good friend, representative john carter of texas, who represents fort hood in his district, for introducing this legislation to give all members of congress the opportunity to stand here today and support of the brave men and women at fort hood and their families in such a time of trial. fort hood lies just north of my district, north of austin. it's in central texas, many of us all across this nation have constituents who have gone through fort hood to train for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. . i have had many constituents who trained at fort hood. yesterday was a drark chapter. in the aftermath we learned that 13 of our finest americans were killed and several dozen more were wounded. this senseless act of horror betrayed our -- betrays our respect and deepest sempthi for life. our thoughts and prayers are with each of the families affected by this tragedy. during this tragedy, there were reports of many
people in the united states th there were a year ago. tavis: i love the word shoptimi. >> i means severalhings. which is to say there's someing that will compel us to show no matte what. i dot think it necessarily means we're going t shop wh the same way, wh the same recklessness, the same mind set, but we will find way to shop. where there's a willo shop, there's way to shop. >> shopping and buying can be very anxus. it's both pleasurab and painful and nervous making on the other hand. oftentimes we lose sig of the fact that while i not condoningeckless spending,r people getting way into debt, think there are materialuys that eve if we buy them emotionally, theyo add something meaningf to our lives. and inhe book iry to exple exactly what thats. tavis: some examples of that since we're on it. >> i interviewed a woman in minnesota who's father had recently died. and shend her brother went ck to hisouse to clean o his stuff. and she took se of his things ck to her house. an theyind of found a place, somef them didn' but sh stopped and she said, you know, thene thing tha i wod have
, i'm going to work to get climate change legislation that can get 60 votes through the united states senate, and signed into law. i have worked very hard and you especially have worked hard, madam chairman, as you proceed forward and we will be able to work closely together to craft a bill that would create jobs in sacramento, california and helena, montana. we will craft a bill that will protect yosemite and yellow stone and that decreases our national security, by decreasing dependence on foreign oil and ultimately we will craft a bill that will secure america's economic end and environmental future for generations. i'm pledged to that. >> senator baucus, thank you so much. any colleagues wish to be heard? >> thank you very much, madam chair, and thank you again for your determination through this process. we know how important this big is. and i will be voting to report this bill out of committee, but as i said yesterday, i have a number of amendments that i'm frustrated i wasn't able to introduce because of the procedural barriers put up here by the fact our colleagues have not c
of the united states. do you know he is a chain smoker? the problem is, that are bankrupting this country and there is no money to fund it, and we cannot afford it. look at medicare and look at them cutting medicare to try and find this. this bill is bad. thank you for coming, and god bless you all. [applause] >> the gentle lady from oklahoma. >> i cannot tell you how good it is to see so many of you coming up and standing here today with us and fighting for our freedoms and our liberty. i want to tell you that i still believe in the constitution. how many believe the constitution says the federal government can take over or health care system? i do not believe it, either, so you are part of history today. how many think the federal government should bailout everybody who is in trouble? i do not believe in that either. when president obama said he was going to make change in our nation, we need to send a signal to congress and to president obama, no, you cannot take over our business, our health care, and he cannot steal our freedom and still our children's future. let's send a signal, no
, the president of the united states, you can have whatever you like as long as the boss approves it. as long as the boss approves it. let me just conclude by saying, the people that came up here today had a prescription for america. and they told us and i had one in my pocket and i didn't have chance to share it with them, but here's my prescription, 10 prescriptions, indeed, for a healthy america, no government-run health care plan, no cuts to seniors' care, no new deficit spending, the president promised that. no new taxes. that's in the republican bill. no rationing of care. the seniors don't want to get thrown under the bus. but they will under 3962. no individual or employer mandate. that's unconstitutional to force people, to force them, we want taupe courage them, we want to lower the prices as the republican bill does, so they can get health insurance but in a voluntary way and we don't want to have taxpayer-funded coverage for illegal immigrants and we -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. gingrey: mr. speaker, thank you for your patience. i think we've p
earlier, fort hood is the largest in the united states, and there is a civilian work force that supports that facility. jonathan hunt has been looking into this, and he is live with us as we wait for that news conference. >> for months, there have been shooting incidents either on or connected to fort hood, although nothing as devastating as today, but in august, there was one charged with murder after a shooting at a party near the army post. a soldier, he shot a colleague. in this case, both men were members of the first cavalry division and had recently returned from iraq. in september 2008, a 21-year-old shot dead his lieutenant before killing himself. in july 2004, police described the shooting deaths of two fort hood soldiers as a murder- suicides, a woman and her estranged husband. they had both served with the fourth infantry division in iraq, and in the war zone, attacking their colleagues from the beginning of the iraq war in 2003. one sergeant from the 101st airborne launched three grenades into the tent of this military camp in kuwait, killing one fellow soldier, and of cours
already have more than 3,000 public housing agencies in the united states. andrew: 30,000? >> 3,000, and now we have two giant new ones and the track record of government. think of fema and the trailers after the hurricane. they put people in trailers. you could buy a trail fore$30,000. andrew: fema trailers are gone. >> no, people are still live in the trailers. under this new deal on renting the housing, they say it will be months -- up to a year but there will be month to month extensions, so when will they ever get these people out? the point about the trailers, $30,000. >> $70,000 fema spent and in one case, more than $200,000. andrew: so the government spends twice what they are worth and promises they will be there for a few months and they're still there. i can remember public housing in newark, and the next day it blew up. >> they didn't know anything about writing mortgages. that's why fannie and freddie went bankrupt r it's a great thing for people in over their heads to become rent remembers instead of home other thans but i would like them renting from private landl
, born in the united states, a jordanian presence. they are wondering whether he was a crazed gunmen, or whether the u.s. army major had been radicalized by the war's his country is fighting overseas. at the mosque where his -- where he worshipped, a friend disagrees. >> he was a gentleman. very soft-spoken. he was immature. anyone who knew him, they liked him. he liked everybody. i never saw him getting into religious or political conflicts. he was not a loner. >> here, at home, the story ahead. >> we were taken on to the base today, and we talked to one of the soldiers on the same. >> gunshots everywhere. people were trying to move to get to ambulances. >> what are you doing? >> trying to help triage. >> the u.s. is all too familiar with mass shootings, but this one takes place at a particularly acute place and time. it raises a crucial question -- was this the work of a disturbed individual or something more sinister than that? the gunman is in hospital under armed guard. here, they want answers from him, and quickly. matthew price, bbc news, fort hood, texas. >> another shooting
had been shot by hasan. he is a buzz -- he's a muslim born in united states, of born of jordanian presence. they are wondering whether he had been radicalized by the wars in this country is fighting overseas. >> we were taken on to the base today, just after they lifted the lockdown, and here we spoke to one of the first soldiers on the scene. >> you have people trying to move, trying to triage. >> what were you doing? >> just trying to help to secure, things like that. you had so many people moving. >> at the same time, medics and nurses were rushing to help. one colonel told us they saved many lives. >> you could write books about how they took care of these patients. the were lots of lives saved because of my nurses and techs exactly what you do and they did it well. >> police came and went, saying little about the investigation. the suspected gunman is in hospital under armed guard. the army wants answers, and quickly. matthew price, up bbc news, fort hood, texas. >> there has been another shooting in the u.s., this time in an office building in orlando, florida. the gunman ha
the united states, dying for the united states. >> repter: clearly there is more to be learned about this case. more to be known about major hasan. i'm pat collins, news4, montgomery county. >>> some members of hasan's family still live in northern virginia. julie carey is in fairfax county with more on that part of the story. >> reporter: major nadal hasan has a brother and cousin in northern virginia. some came to gather on the home in the baileys crossroads area. the family will not come out to the cameras to make a statement. what they have written makes their thoughts very clear. they call major hasan's actions deplorable and despicable. inside this home, a family in seclusion. they are horrified by the rampage. a statement issued late yesterday by hasan's cousin reads, "we are shocked and saddened by the terrible events at ft. hood. we are filled with grief for the families of today's victim. our family loves america." their dismay is shared by fellow muslims at the nearby mosque. the doctor spoke at the family's tragedy in friday's prayers. >> we watched the news with tearful
tech has confirmed with the united states armyÑi human resources command inxd alexandr that the alleged shooter at ft. hood, texas, once attended virginia tech, end quote. hasan graduated with honors in 1995 with a bachelor of science degree in biochemistry. >>xd in washington, officiar3$ % continue to mourn those who lost their lives in yesterday's shooting. president obama ordered flags on u.s. government buildings to be flown in half-staff. flags will continue to fly at half-staff through veterans day of next week. >>> muslim groups around the country have condemned this shooting. today several religious groups joined together to spread the message of peace. their hope is there is not a backlash of attacks on muslims. >> don't let the individual act of a single individual create fear and tear the country apart. >> we were all attacked yesterday. this was an attack on all americans. it's time for all americans to come together in unity and faith. >> several threats have been made against muslim groups. the fbi is involved. >>> witnesses say hasan shouted "allah akbar" which means god
, a weak government backed by the united states and an increasingly violent islamic rebel movement, known as al shabaab. what you are about to see will put the threat of those extremists in perspective and will show why we all need to pay attention to somalia. in a rare visit by a western journalist, martin geisler went to the town of bosasso north of the capital mogadishu. >> this is a public show of force by al shabaab. these pictures filmed in the past few days in mogadishu were smuggled out to itv news. the radical islamist group now controls much of somalias. there's mounting concern they may be about to export their brand of terror. with the emergence of shabaab, a confct almost 20 years old has answered its most sinister chapter yet. somalia has been described as the new afghanistan, a breeding ground for extremism. the death toll mounts by the date. people live under the most brutal form of sharia law. we obtained these pictures of a group of young men who have each had a hand and foot caught off, accused of stealing. women accused of adultery are stoned to death in the streets. b
for the country that they love, the united states army, the united states government stands ready to broafdz provide them every possible assistance in what will be a very troubling, very challenging times ahead. >> 13 dead, 28 remain hospitalized, including the shooter, major nidal malik hasan. he is in a coma attached to a ventilator. hasan was shot four times. most of the victims are in stable condition with gunshot wounds to the torso, stomach and back. >> and hearing the stories of courage and heroism that i heard today makes me proud to be a leader of this great army. i heard stories about medics who were sitting in a graduation in in the building next door, hearing the gunfire and running to the sounds of the guns, because they knew there would be wounded. >> stories of heroes are now emerging. a female police officer displaying extraordinary courage, according to the army, officer kim munley exchanged fire with hasan, hitting him and taking a bullet herself to the thigh, and amber barr tried her best to save her fellow colleagues. barr was shot in the stomach. >> stomach shot, people
weeks to points across the united states. though not quite as many trees as in years past. >> our sales are going to be down around 15%. >> blame it on the economy. that cuts down on the number of corner lot days before christmas. but they aren't complaining about that. everyone is affected by the recession, they say. >> the way it is, we're lucky. >> one thing that is hurting, though, is the profit margin. the cost of many essential chemicals and fertilizers tripled last year. growers were told it was because of record fuel prices. those fuel prices did come down. but the prices of the materials did not. >> with the economy as it is, they can't pass on all of the higher costs, they say. just hope they can make up for it in the volume of sales. as for what you will pay for your tree once it gets to your favorite lot, depends on the tree. depends on the lot. but should be about the same as last year. $50, maybe a little more for a six to six and a half footer. as for anything, growers say it's best to shop around. >> among cities cutting their christmas tree budget, chicago officials are
afternoon. it is the worst mass shooting ever at a military base in the united states. military officials believe a major on the base, nidal hasan is the shooter. hasan is not dead as previously reported. >> he is currently in custody. and in stable condition. i say again, the shooter is not dead but in custody and in stable condition. >> there is going to be a lot of focus on maybe people that he spoke to. why some action wasn't taken. i don't don't doubt for a second there will be a lot of red flags floating around about this guy. >> meanwhile we are learning more about the man suspected in the shooting rampage. the mosque his son attended says the army psychiatrist did not seem an an extremist. he knew hasan for more than ten years and he was quiet and ten years and he was act you'vely looking for a wife through a program at the mosque. he says in the program application, there hasan listed himself as palestinian even though he was born right here in the united states. now, hasan does have ties to our area. jody smith is live with more on that and possibly what could have been motive f
an interesting life. that could have been the first lady of the united states this. fred thompson wanted to be president of the united states senate seat from tennessee. lori morgan joining us coming up. on car insurance. what you might not know is that you can contact geico to see if you could save on homeowner's and renter's insurance too. for more information call 1-800-947-auto or check the yellow pages for an office near you. [tires screeching] [screech] accidents can happen anytime. that's why geico's here 24 hours a day, every day. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> is this wjz baltimore. >> good morning, maryland. now, don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala. your first warning weather and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it's friday. >> it's the bottom of the hour. in 15 seconds it will be 6:30. sharon has what is going on after marty's weather. >>> those clouds, gorgeous sunrise. clear skies through this friday. let the weekend party begin. 49 at lunch. 47 degrees for the evening. not
because he was disappointed that the united states was favoring israel over jewish stlements in the west bank. let's go live to ramallah now and join our middle east correspondent. jeremy, the israelis are obviously privately, if they aren't being so public about it, keep for mr. an toose stay. do you think there's a negotiation that could be had here? >> well, i think that what would take for him to stay, there needs to be a big shift in the political landscape. he's made very clear that he won't talk until israel has -- he won't talk to zarls until the israelis agree to a freeze on the construction of buildings for jews in the occupied palestinian territories, a breach of international law. now, he wants that. the israelis haven't granted that despite many requests from the americans. so question, will they do that to try to save the president's job? you know, i wonder. i doubt it, quite frankly. what can the americans offer? perhaps they could offer a conception of what a state would look like. and if that conception was quite like that of president abbas, then maybe he might stay in
's largest military base in the united states. ft. hood, texas. >> attention. seek shelter immediately. >> reporter: the shots were at close range. fired by a trained military officer with deadly accuracy. with two handguns, the shooter killed 12 and injured 31. >> it's a terrible tragedy, stunning. and as i say, as i've gone around to the hospital here, as i've been at the scene, soldiers and family members and many the great civilians who work here are absolutely devastated. >> reporter: the victim, most of them soldiers, were unarmed, unable to defend themselves. a responding police officer finally opened fire. she injured the suspect and silenced the shooting. [ sirens ] victims were rushed to hospitals across central texas. and overrun emergency rooms pleaded for blood donations. there were rumors of other shooters. the entire base was put on lockdown. children at the bases nine schools were kept inside. their anxious parents gathered immediately at the front gate. >> it's really disheartening. you know something's going on and you can't get to your child. >> it's very, very stres
>>> the worst mass killing ever on an army baes in the united states. at least 13 people dead at ft. hood texas. 30 more are wounded, including the alleged shooter, an army psychiatrist. >> the major who did it kept loading clip after clip pretty much and just was pretty relentless. >> today is a day of mourning as sold yersz and their loved ones grieve and wonder how this could have happened here. >> this enemy was within. and that's what makes it so hard. >> we're in ft. hood texas with the latest on the heros who spopded to the shooting spree, the victims who were killed and wounded are and the map authorities say is responsible for the murderous ram passenger. early this friday morning november 6th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. we are live at ft. hood texas, the scene of had this terrible terrible tragedy. maggie is off today. debbye turner bell is with us in nouk. good morning. >> good morning. it is such a tragedy and so unexpected. especially on an army base. president obama talked about that in his statement yesterday. he said it'
in the united states without insurance. >> it's different economy. different cost structure. it does not in any way affect the standards of quality. >> there can be risks when seeking care abroad so says emery university's dr. john sweeney. >> the issue is follow-up and continuity of care that is going to be difficult to achieve. >> it's important to research the types of certifications both the hospital and the surgeon hold. patients should be prepared to pay out of pocket for complications that may arise when they return home. sweeney does note just because a hospital is outside u.s. borders doesn't mean it's bad. >> we tend to be very close minded and not realized that there's countries outside of the united states that do this as well as we do or better. >> as for sharon, she says all of the travel has been worth the cost savings. >> i work in a hospital institution. this is very well run. >> i'm dr. sanjay gupta. >>> back to our breaking story. a shooting at a high-rise office building in downtown orlando along i-4. eight people have been shot. we just learned that two people are dead. the
the military, against the united states, then i would have to say that was an extreme action that he took. >> that was major khalid shabazz, a muslim chaplain who met suspected gunman major hasan at ft. hood. >> one of many people at ft. hood who knew major hasan. it's not just a military base, rather, it's a closely knit community of thousands of families. >> this morning they are in shock because the danger was right there at home. erin hayes reports. >> reporter: this is a place that has known sorrow and loss in the past. families sent their soldiers to war knowing they might not return. but that sacrifice made sense to them. michael shaklee and his father served together. when we visited with them at ft. hood they explained why they were headed to battle. >> i've got two beautiful granddaughters. i want them safe. to be able to not be worried about a bomb blowing up somewhere. >> motivates me to get over there, you know. do my job, come back safely to my kids and my wife. i'm going away for a year to preserve, you know, what we have now. >> reporter: that is what resonated here each t
but it is a tropical system that may impact the united states next week. 50 degrees tomorrow, gusty winds. we will probably hit 70 degrees on monday before the next cold front arrives on tuesday. >> the high school football season gets set to finish. , next in sports. >> now, even sports with gerry sandusky. >> the last time the ravens faced the bangles, 120 yards rushing, the first running back in many games to earn that many yards. sunday, they get a chance to make good. as pete gilbert reports, that stops -- that starts with stopping him. >> the rate of only gave about 17 points to cincinnati the last time. even coming off of day win, the smiles disappeared. >> running the ball extremely hard. sometimes you have games like that. they took advantage. >> his revival wreaked havoc on more than just the ravens. the last time in baltimore, he shredded a very proud defense for 120 yards and a touchdown. how do they prevent a repeat on sunday in cincinnati? >> we have the players that have done it before so we have decided we have to work on technique and do those kind of things. that is what we
to think we would have been situation occurring at a military base in the united states. >> while the chaos played out, the congressman was unaware. he was sequestered with no telephones in the house intelligence committee hearing. he says there is still much to be learned about this before any conclusions or lessons are possible, but he is especially concerned about where the tragedy took place. >> what is happening in iraq and afghanistan is difficult enough. when we lose men and women on behalf of our country. but do have a military base where we should be secure, where we are training people to protect our country, to have an incident like this is disheartening. >> somebody working in a major trauma center, uri a lot about your ability to respond if in that type of wason. >> this doctor is a surgeon at the university of maryland medical center shock trauma. he says a mass casualty situation like this one would be too much for shock trauma to handle. he says patients would have to be sent to many area hospitals. >> we have a large number of trauma centers to be able to split apart some o
in 1983--26 yearsgo. number three, susie, outside t united states, economies ar growing. big economis-- canada, australia jan, russia, brazil. the employment is actually expandg there. you had yesterday john chambers of cysco talking about their outlook d how much bter it looks him because of the internatnal aspect. lasthree things, four, five, and six, retail sales members lo okay to us for october. the retails, that is. the-- the's a lot of liquidity out there. d inflation remains low. it remains suueed. e individual inveors p about $215 billion out of ney marketunds into bond funds and nnto stock fun,usie. >> sus: let's looat the stocks you'r recommending. this is your first time "nightly businesreport" as a maet monitor. you have bank of americat the top of your list. why do you liket? how does i fit intoverything u just told us? >> we see gradual improvement of the financial system they managto buy and to te over very,eryrized assets, e merrill lynch fnchise-- t only in the united stes but globally innvestment bankin franchise countrywide, we see tha company able, in a coue of y
shot and killed at the base. that has since changed. it is the worst mass shooting ever since a united states base has ever opened up. linda so joins us with new developments that have taken place overnight. linda? >> reporter: military officials rated the suspect's -- raided the suspect's apartment looking for reasons why he did this crime. surveillance video shows major nadal ma league hassan hours before the shooting. the matsch -- that dawrl malik hassan hours before the shooting. the man is seen carrying a beverage and dressed in traditional arab garb. the shooting happened in the readiness center where soldiers were getting final medical checks before deployment. all of the soldiers whoer with killed were headed to iraq. u.s. army officials initially said the suspect was shot and killed. turns out, he is alive at a hospital on the base. the mass shooting has devastated military families. >> we don't know what's going on and it's stressful. >> i don't believe for a second that a soldier could do this to another soldier. >> reporter: a lot of questions are being asked this morning
walk in. i >>> we're looking at a live picture of the united states capitol on a friday morning. a beautiful friday. chilly, though. 43 degrees here in washington. good morning and welcome. i'm barbara harrison. >> glad to have you with us this friday. i'm craig melvin in for joe krebs. we want to start things off as we always do, weather and traffic on the 1s. here's tom. happy friday, tom. >> same to you. welcome, craig. good to have you with us this rning. as we start off this morning we have the big old moon up in the western sky now, and the temperatures are not quite as cold as they were yesterday morning. we've had the winds up a bit so that's kept the atmosphere well stirred. so have not allowed the temperatures to drop below freezing. upper 30s to near 40 all around the region. we've got a mostly clear sky this morning. a few clouds across central virginia. we'll have sunshine this morning and a few clouds midday. highs only the low 50s today. we'll take a look at the weekend coming right outer loop. stay tuned. >> thank you, tom. >> let's take a look at the area roads.
to nearly 6 -- 65,000 soldiers and their families. it is the only two division post in the united states with the first calvary division and the first division west. we will follow this story in the coming days. listen about what happened and get breaking developments throughout the day. in eight minutes kristin fisher will have more reaction from texas. >>> also this morning, traffic lights in montgomery county are back to normal. after two days of not being able to control traffic signals county worker reestablished the connection last night. this is a live look at georgia avenue and randolph road with the normal rush hour slow down. the county's 800 traffic lights are allowing traffic to flow normally but still slowly. >>> tomorrow, congress is scheduled to debate and vote on a health care insurance bill. on thursday, president obama and house democrats worked to ensure they would have enough votes to pass the bill. if approved the measure would expand health insurance to millions of the nation's uninsured over the next ten years. no word when a similar bill will be available in the s
'm quoting here for the rag heads who might attack the military here in the united states. this was apparently said to a recent contravert. >> he made those comments and he stuck strongly to his faith. but, you know, as soldiers, you know, we have a duty to, you know, follow orders from our commander and chief. and, you know, political views are set aside. but he was -- after the shooting in little rock, he was -- i don't know, almost outstandingly upset about how this man was treated in little rock. maybe we should have more of these that should strap bombs on themselves and go into "times" square. that was from a third source, so i can't confirm that. >> is now you say that hasan himself -- we are on the line with retired colonel terry lee who worked with the man on the right-hand side of your screen at fort hood. the man on the right-hand side of the screen is the one secretary of defense to have shot and held and 31 injured. you have told our staff that hasan seemed to belief -- had feelings about president obama and his election. could you tell us with about that? >>
to be negative towards the united states. it's just not done, even though you're supposed to do it. you're doing a disservice to the investigation, though, by leaving it out? >> oh, sure you are, but the united states government does not want to talk about religion, and so they will do anything to try to make sure this guy has either been harassed, that he's crazy or anything but faith. >> it's a subject you don't want to hit on. michael, thank you for the time. it is a topic that we have to look more into. we still don't have all the information just yet. thanks very much. we could be just hours away for healthcare vote tomorrow maybe and tomorrow definitely, special time for the cost of freedom block, i want to remind you it starts at 1:00, one to 3:00 tomorrow. the glenn beck program is coming up next. the judge, andrew napolitano, is sitting in for glenn beck. have a good weekend. take care.
, this committee continues to look at what we can do to secure universal service to the people of the united states. in my neighborhood in cleveland, ohio, i have seen of the last few years, the postboxes disappear from neighborhoods. i don't take that lightly. to me, that has been an essential part of the infrastructure. the next part of the infrastructure postal service are the branches. we know that the postal administration has been systematically targeting branches, particularly in areas which are economically disadvantaged. think about universal service. we know they are cutting hours. they keep trying to downsize the postal service. at the same time, there has been an expansion of dealings with the private sector. the private sector takes over more and more. i think we need to look long and hard at the creeping privatisation that has been going on the postal service. it is really at odds with universal service. if the postal service is a money loser, why does the private sector want to take over ta? if it loses money, why would anyone want to take it over or even turn it into a bag? nk? this
. unemployment in the united states for october broke double digits, now at 10.2%. that is a huge number and it is bigger than any economists were expecting. more on both of these developments in a few minutes, but first we are going to go back to bill and to our top story. the tragedy at fort hood, texas. bill: we were given a brutal description of the 30 minutes of chaos and terror on the base behind me. all cubans there was confusion followed by a lockdown have lasted for seven hours. now people are trying to put this together. he had twoç weapons, one hand gun, one semiotic weapon, and was allowed to fire for quite some time before he was taken down by bullets from a female police officer. that officer is currently being treated for her wounds. i want to bring in one person who was on the base yesterday. you were working at the hospital? >> no, i went to give my son a physical. they closed the doors on me and i knew something much going on. i did not know what was happening at that time. i asked the soldiers there and they said that there was a shooting going on. bill: what was the
, but who is primarily responsible? the president of united states. when the economy is good, he gets the credit. when it is bad, he gets the blame. bill: colmes, he showed up in new jersey five times. alan: that is what jon corzine came up in the polls. bill: if he did not, then jon corzine would have got to, what, five votes? -- would have gotten, what, five votes? >> a listen. the white house injected themselves to an unprecedented extent -- >> listen. the white house injected themselves to an unprecedented extent. it was a regional party that could only win in the south. now, the republicans have come back. bill: yes. alan: you know that always happens -- bill: not so much. i never bought to virginia as a police state. i do not think he just won their. but new jersey, that is big -- i never thought to virginia -- fought as virginia being -- i never thought of virginia being a blue state. >> i am talking about standing up for freedom in the face of tyranny. president obama was invited to mark the anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall, one of the great triumphs over tierney, an
was trained by the united states to be in a position he was in. it is a sad situation we are learning. >> two things to add on that. local media reporting that in the neighborhood where he lives, at his apartment before he came to the post yesterday, he was giving furniture away to neighbors. he was also giving away, k to theoran -- also giving away copies of the koran. also, this guy is in the hospital on a ventilator, and investors -- investigators have not been able to ask him his questions, and with four gunshot wounds, we do not know how long it will take to revive him. we had more than 30 people injured overnight last night, and one of the injuries turned so bad that we added it to our total of deaths. martha: just to correct it, we know that the shooting happened in to local area that was just outside of this graduation area. we're talking we should go out to the army secretary and chief of staff. i'm not sure if this is in speaking right now. if you guys could fill me in. >> had the chance to go to the processing center, received a full break from a variety of law enforcement agencies
. military documents show he was deployed in virginia and never deployed outside of the united states. is he a u.s. citizen. a former neighbor says he lived with another man who appeared to be his brother but they never saw any warning signs. >> i'm really shocked. all these years. i think they have been living here years and nothing has ever happened like this before. so i'm shocked he would do something like this. >> reporter: major hasan's family says he hired a lawyer to get out of being deployed to iraq. he was harassed by other soldiers because of his ethnicity. if he is charged, he could be prosecuted in military court and if convicted, he would face the death penalty. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >>> people are turning out to help soldiers wounded yet. long lines in temple, of texas, to donate blood. the american red cross says in times like these americans do what they do best, they give. >>> the harford county health department is having a community h1n1 flu vaccination clinic for kids six months to 18 years old. for pregnant women that's happening today. it starts at 10:00 this m
in virginia. and he was born in virginia, and never been deployed outside of the united states. he is a u.s. citizen. he lived with another man, that appeared to be brothers but they never saw warning signs or anything unusual. >> it is crazy. you think someone is really nice or calm. i don't know what lit for him to do that. what triggered it. but honestly, they seemed like really cool and calm guys. >> she believes that they lived for years and then moved out a year ago. we're going to bring your more information as it develops this morning. we have a live report from ft. hood, texas in 5 minutes. and you can always log onto our website. we have the latest. >>> now to the obidate of a police officer that was stapped outside of a strip club. he is recovering this morning. he shot his attacker at kristina's female review. just after closing time the whole thing happened. at this point it is unclear what led up to the fight. police are saying that the officer was stabbed in the neck and the back before firing his weapon. the attacker was shot in the chest and is in serious condition. >>> t
at a military base in the united states. >> the congressman dutch ruppersberger was unaware when it happened. he was sequestered in the house intelligence committee hearing. he says there's still much to be learned before any lessons are possible, but he is especially concerned about where the tragedy took place. >> what is happening in iraq and afghanistan is difficult enough. when we lose men and women there on behalf of our country. but do have a military base where we should be secure, where we are training people to protect our country, to have an incident like this is disarming. >> someone who works in a major trauma center, we worry much about our ability to respond in that kind of situation. >> his doctor works at the university of maryland medical center shock trauma center. he said this type situation would be t mutto too much for sk trauma to handle. >> we would be able to split up the load between different hospitals year. >> dutch ruppersberger says personnel should expect tougher scrutiny and tighter security at local military bases here. >> authorities in cecil county looking for
't know i had it in me. >>> the man who commands the united states army is general george casey. he was the top commander in iraq for three years. and he flew to ft. hood today. i talked with him, along with his wife sheila, this afternoon. >> it was a kick in the gut. not only to the ft. hood community, but to the whole army family. and it's especially so because the suspect is one of our own and it happened on one of our installations, and so, it is a kick in the gut. >> what story stood out to you. >> reporter: there's a graduation going on in the next building, and one of the soldiers told me that he ran into medics who were running in their caps and gowns because they heard gunshots and they knew that there were people wounded. that's the kind of spirit here. and then, it was buddies helping bud dips. >> what you have learned about stress from this? >> well, as i was going to say, we went and visited a group of soldiers from the 36th engineer brigade, and that one brigade lost four soldiers and had 11 wounded, and we probably talked to 25 young soldiers, men and women, who were
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